East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House Cemetery-Section: A Zone: A5

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East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery Association, Inc.

              Sybil Bowen S-233   
Unreadable S-196  Unreadable S-197    Unreadable S-198  Z C S-199  Unreadable S-200  Alvan J Colvin S-201  Asenith A.B. Colvin S-202  Alvan J Colvin S-203 
Lydia A Colvin S-203 
Henry Jackson Colvin S-203 
Asenith A.B. Colvin S-203 
Gilbert F Colvin S-203 
  James Monroe Colvin S-172  Edward O Colvin S-173  Albert Taylor Colvin S-174  Zacheus Colvin S-175  Mary Polly (Cary) Colvin S-176  Sarah Ann (Colvin) Estes S-177  Orilla Colvin S-178 
Caleb W Colvin S-178 
Lottie S.A. Colvin S-178 
E.O. C S-180 
A D. S-179 
  Mary Jane Collins S-155  Hiram Freeman Collins S-156  Adelia N Collins S-157  Deborah Bascome S-158         

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