East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House Cemetery-Section: G Zone: G5

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East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery Association, Inc.

Louisa M Daniels S-265  Imogene Smith S-266  Samuel W Smith S-267  Mary A Newman S-268  Unreadable S-269  Lydia Hervey S-270  Watty Hervey S-271  Spaulding Hervey S-272   
Louis A Wilcox S-231  Anson Wilcox S-232 
Maria E Wood S-273 
          Eddia Faneuf S-274  Levina (Wood) Aldrich S-275  Smith W Aldrich S-276  S F S-277 
      Unreadable S-278  Unreadable S-279         

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