East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House Cemetery-Section: C Zone: C3

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East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery Association, Inc.

Elizabeth Learmont S-75  Cristiana L Sutherland S-76  John S.E. Hiscock S-77 
Elva Rothene (Hore) Hiscock S-77 
Charles Bennett S-78  Hannah Bennett S-79  Moses Gilbert Kelly S-80 
Mary Anna (Judkins) Kelly S-80 
Alice May Kelly S-81     
Lesley (Kelly) Ross S- 
Stephen Ross S- 
Edward Wojciechowski S- 
Meredith (Kelly) Wojciechowski S- 
Beverley (Kelly) Ryan S- 
John Ryan S- 
      Agnes (Allen) Bennett S-69 
Charles W Bennett S-69 
  Mary (Hiscock) Kelly S-70 
Schofield Seth Sr Kelly S-70 
Schofield Seth Jr. Kelly S-70 
  Seth Kelly S-71 
Cladys M (Schofield) Kelly S-71 

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