East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House Cemetery-Section: C Zone: C4

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East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery Association, Inc.

        Ellen E (Gowell) Geyer S-149 
George M Geyer S-149 
Hazel R Geyer S-149 
Edith C Geyer S-149 
      Andrew Schofield Kelly S-150 
Sheila Kelly S-150 
Anna B (Batty) Kelly S-123  Unreadable S-124    H.M. W S-125  P. L S-126  A A S-127  Unreadable S-128  R.K. R. S-129   
  B D S-103 
W.L. L S-103 
Adelaide E Kelly S-104 
Frances A Kelly S-104 
Eliza Ann (Kelly) Kelly S-105    Unreadable S-106  Alice R Kelly S-107  Cynthia H Judkins S-108  Samuel Kelly S-109 
  Joseph H Martin S-90 
Mary B (Hammond) Martin S-90 
Dorgas Arnold Kelly S-91  Amy G (Comstock) Kelly S-92  David Kelly S-93  Joseph Hiscock S-94 
Ruth Alma Hiscock S-94 
Kathleen Ruth Hiscock S-94 
Sadie G (Kelly) Chase S-95  Eunice (Earl) Kelly S-96   

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