East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House Cemetery-Section: D Zone: D4

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East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery Association, Inc.

  Ella D (Martin) Blake S-151 
Sydney T Blake S-151 
Kenneth C Blake S-151 
  Alice F (Allaire) MacDougall S-152    Nelson S Morris S-153 
Charlotte (Dietrich) Morris S-153 
Mildren Rennie S-    Gertrude (Fitts) Rennie S-154 
Elwood J Rennie S-154 
Arnold O Rennie S-154 
Mildred A (Lunn) Rennie S-154 
    Gilbert B Kelly S-130  Seth Kelly S-131  Patience Kelly S-132  Asa Kelly S-133  Lydia C (Comstock) Kelly S-134  Harold W Hammann S-135 
Mary A (Goss) Hammann S-135 
Gladys C (Goss) Arnold S-136 
Earl Arnold S-136 
Samuel Judkins Kelly S-110 
Sarah W Kelly S-110 
Watee (Hill) Kelly S-111  Moses Kelly S-112  Dorcas Hill (Judkins) Kelly S-113  K S-114        Donald Frost S- 
Gladys Frost S- 
Seth III Kelly S-97  Lettice Farnum S-98               

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