East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House Cemetery-Section: D Zone: D5

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East Blackstone Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery Association, Inc.

Amanda M Esty S-246  Frank H Rathbun S-247  Rebecca K (Kelly) Kelly S-248  Alpha Kelly S-249  Maria Kelly S-250  John B Kelly S-251  Kelly S-252  John Ballou Kelly S-253   
  Unreadable S-209  Alpha Maria S-210  Unreadable S-211  Unreadable S-212 
Unreadable S-213 
  Unreadable S-214  Unreadable S-215 
Henry B Esty S-208 
Eunice G Allen S-191  Abaz Allen S-192  Keziah Allen S-193  Phebe Lewett S-194  Unreadable S-195         
L.C. K S-163  H. H S-164  E.G. A S-165  S. S S-166  L. E S-167  Nathan Kelly S-168  Olive (Bates) Kelly S-169  T. L S-170   

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